The Holding Pattern

I attended a professional networking event on last week. During that event, several people complimented me on an executive coaching session that I conducted on October 20th. While I was very pleased with the feedback, I was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t have more to share about the growth of my business. One of the attendees did ask me to speak at a technology conference. However that wasn’t enough. I felt that more coaching opportunities should have prevailed. As a result, I started to feel like I was in a holding pattern with limited insight into the reasons for delay.

If you have ever been on a flight, then you have probably experienced the joys of being in a holding pattern. You have almost reached your final destination, but for some reason the plane is not allowed to land. As a result, the pilot flies the plane in a circular pattern until landing permission is granted from Air Traffic Control.

I believe that many of us feel like we are in a holding pattern. We can see our final destination, but for some reason a greater authority is delaying our arrival. If we recognize that God is the ultimate authority over our lives, then we must trust and believe that there is a specific reason for the delay. Know that there is purpose in the holding pattern.

What do you think?

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