Should you honor the relationship by agreeing to disagree?

I recently commented on a Facebook post that I didn’t agree with.  I have a lot of respect for the person that made the post, but I simply didn’t agree with her viewpoint on “taking a knee”.  She and I went back and forth briefly and I lovingly agreed to disagree.  She and I are both Christians.  We both serve the same God, but we were unable to come to consensus. And guess what.  That’s OK.

People are going to have different perspectives on issues now more than ever.  However, as Christians, it’s important to maintain healthy debates if at all possible.  If you think your perspective is right, pray that God will reveal truth. Just be aware that the truth that’s revealed might not be your perspective.

When we agree to disagree, we honor the relationship above trying to change the person.  ~ Wisdom Hunters


What do you think?

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