Have you considered a Life Coach?

As a Life Coach, I am called to partner with clients to assist them in achieving personal goals, and making successful career transitions. I also help clients identify what they were created to do, so that they can operate in their unique purpose. This is a very rewarding role as I walk clients through a… Read More

Living on the Edge

I recently had the opportunity to attend a “Powerful Journey” women’s conference. During this conference, I was truly inspired by the keynote speaker, Marshawn Evans. Marshawn was a former Miss America beauty queen, Donald Trump Apprentice, and Georgetown University Law Center trained sports & entertainment lawyer. In addition to these accomplishments, Marshawn’s book, “Skirts in… Read More

Trust & Obey

Sometimes the greatest barrier to achieving our goals is failure to trust and obey God. This seems like a simple task, but it can be difficult to let go of our own wills and thought processes to become totally reliant on God’s direction, insight and provision. Obeying can be even harder because it often involves… Read More

When Quitting Seems Easier…

Have you ever had the urge to quit because your goal seemed too hard to accomplish? You had a strong desire to attain your goal; however, temporary failure, frustration and disappointment prevented you from moving forward. As a result, it just seemed easier to quit. Resist the urge to give up on your dreams. As… Read More