Have We Really Overcome?

Human trafficking, racism, domestic violence, and corporate layoffs are just a few of the negative headlines highlighted each day. It’s almost unbearable to watch the news because the focus seems to be on adverse situations around the world. How can a society that has made significant advancements in technology, educational pursuits, income levels and communication… Read More

Entrepreneur or Corporate Captive?

I’m one of those people who has been blessed and held capture by Corporate America. I’m blessed in the fact that working for various Corporations has allowed me to live a middle class lifestyle. I’m held captive by the fact that even though I know I’m destined to be a successful entrepreneur, I feel somewhat… Read More

The Power of a Dream

This morning I took a moment to listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. As I listened to his dynamic delivery and articulation of thoughts, I couldn’t help but wonder if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could have ever imagined the magnitude of his dream. Did he realize the powerful… Read More

Purposed Resolution

As the New Year begins, approximately 45% of Americans will make resolutions or expressions of intent based on their personal goals and desires. This seems like an awesome idea; however, only 8% of these individuals will be successful in achieving their resolutions. Resolutions are typically set to motivate individuals, but most people aren’t ready to… Read More