The Holding Pattern

I attended a professional networking event on last week. During that event, several people complimented me on an executive coaching session that I conducted on October 20th. While I was very pleased with the feedback, I was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t have more to share about the growth of my business. One of the… Read More

Chasing A Dream

If you have ever dreamed or envisioned great things for your life, then you embarked upon an exciting journey to see yourself living abundantly. Maybe your dream was an exciting career or traveling the world. Maybe you saw yourself accomplishing major goals, which allowed you to share and teach others. Whatever your dream is, take… Read More

Where There Is No Vision

Proverbs 29:18 states that “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. As I reflect on this scripture, I am enlightened on the importance of anticipating and perceiving what is to come in relation to personal growth and opportunity. Have you taken the time to visualize monumental goals for your life? Consider goals that promote… Read More

In Your Dreams

In my teenage years, I remember hearing the phrase, “in your dreams”. This negative connotation was often given in response to a statement that had little chance of becoming a reality. For example, if you were asked out on a date that you didn’t desire, your response might be “in your dreams”. While you have… Read More