Choose to Dwell on Good Things

Today we are living a new normal due to COVID-19. Stay at home orders are in place. Social distancing is being enforced. Educational institutions have transitioned to online platforms. Graduations, anniversaries and birthdays, which were formally in-person celebrations, are now virtual. Weddings have been changed or cancelled. Social and economic impacts deteriorate every day. Non-essential… Read More

A Child’s Outcry

In my last blog, I shared that God calls us to do things that are inconvenient, uncomfortable and undesirable.  These instances often challenge our normal thinking patterns and enable us to see things from a different perspective.  Serving as a juror changed my entire viewpoint of the judicial system.  I witnessed the personal account of… Read More

Mistaken Identity

Throughout the course of our lives, we encounter challenges that cause us to question our identity. A verbally and/or physically abusive relationship may have caused you to question your value. A parent’s abandonment may have caused you to question your ability to be loved. Company layoffs may have caused you to question your skills and… Read More