The Season of Stillness

We are often in a hurry to move from what appears to be a non-progressive season in our lives. We don’t see advancement in our careers. There seem to be limited opportunities for personal growth and development. Our relationships insinuate stagnation and we frequently experience feelings of despair and hopelessness. Sometimes God allows us to… Read More

You Become What You Believe

You often hear the phrase “you become what you believe”, but how many of you have actually taken the opportunity to identify what you regard as true. Maybe you have a desire to achieve a successful career, but you don’t believe that you have the capabilities to attain success. As a result, you often find… Read More

The Art of Self-Discipline

Last week, I was invited to three dinners to celebrate Christmas. I knew that I would be surrounded by all kinds of delicious but fattening foods. Yet, I felt that I could be somewhat of a disciplined eater at these gatherings. Well, that theory failed. My normal regimen of lean meats, fruits and vegetables was… Read More

Purpose in the Face of Adversity

Throughout the course of my life, I have had to face many trials and adversities. Some adverse situations caused me to develop perseverance. Other situations provoked me to alter my thought process or mindset. While a few difficulties, forced me to pursue opportunities that would expand my skill-set and knowledge. In either scenario, there was… Read More