When Busyness Consumes You

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Why? It’s really quite simple. Busyness has consumed me. I was involved in several professional organizations. I volunteered for several non-profit assemblies. I started working for a new company that required much more time, effort, diligence and travel availability. However, this company provided limited opportunity to vacation and… Read More

To Be or Not to Be a Juror: You Decide

For some reason everyone dreads jury duty and up until recently, I was one of those people. There’s frustration in having one’s routine interrupted. There’s normally a lengthy jury selection process that involves excessive waiting. Not to mention the fact that because of the time away from one’s job, workloads are often excessive upon return.… Read More

The Real World

Every now and then, I take a moment to reflect on where I am in life. Sometimes I’m pleased. Other times I’m disappointed. Today, I’m healthy, physically fit, surrounded by wonderful supportive friends, loved by my family, in a great church, but I’m laid off. I’m sure that many of you have experienced a corporate… Read More

What God Allows

Have you ever wondered why the same challenges seem to resurface in your life? Maybe it’s an illness that you thought you were completely healed from. Maybe it’s a company lay-off that you thought you would never experience again. Or maybe it’s a relationship issue that leads to yet another divorce. Whatever your reoccurring challenge… Read More