2016, The Year to…GET IT DONE…

I’m claiming 2016 as The Year to… GET IT DONE… I encourage you to make 2016 the year that you fulfill personal, career, and spiritual goals and begin walking in your unique purpose.  No more frustration with stagnant careers or relationships, while wishing for a meaningful and rewarding life.  It’s time to eliminate the obstacles… Read More

Career Blunders to Avoid

Over the course of my professional life, I made good and bad decisions that significantly impacted my career.  Most of my good decisions were the result of what I learned from prior experiences, the influence of good managers, and advice from trusted co-workers & friends.  Most of my bad decisions were the result of a lack… Read More

The Cost of Success

I had the opportunity to speak with a CEO a few weeks ago. In my mind, this individual had achieved great career success. He had successfully climbed the corporate ladder. He was well respected by his peers. He had recently launched his own company and was currently the presiding CEO. However, when I asked him… Read More

Where’s Your Career Headed?

You have been in your current role for quite some time. You feel like you have made significant contributions to the organization. However, there appear to be limited opportunities for growth and advancement. Now what? It’s time to take a career assessment. Ask yourself these simple questions. Are you satisfied with your current job? Are… Read More