Do The Right Thing

We often judge others on the decisions they make, whether good or bad.  However, I’m finding that it’s hard for us to really know what we would do in a similar situation until the instance occurs.  Sometimes our best judgment is hindered because of personal need or desire.  Other times, we fail to think about… Read More

Where’s Your Career Headed?

You have been in your current role for quite some time. You feel like you have made significant contributions to the organization. However, there appear to be limited opportunities for growth and advancement. Now what? It’s time to take a career assessment. Ask yourself these simple questions. Are you satisfied with your current job? Are… Read More

An Unwillingness to Change

I often think of Dr. Phil when he says, “Now how’s that working out for you”? Typically when he is posing this phrase to a guest, it is because the individual refuses to change their perspective or action. However, the guest has a desire to get different results. Take a moment to evaluate why you… Read More

When Opportunity Knocks

There are times in our lives when doors of opportunity are made available to us. These opportunities can promote personal development, career advancement or even result in a major life change. Yet when opportunity knocks, we often fail to open the door. Sometimes, we are unable to recognize favorable prospects. Other times, fear prevents us… Read More