Are You Willing to Reveal... to Let God Heal?

Are You Willing to Reveal... to Let God Heal?

recently shared a personal story with close friends and acquaintances.  It was a difficult subject to speak on, but I knew that sharing was an integral part of my healing process.  As I gave my testimony, many began to share the fact that they had gone through similar situations.  Sadly, for some, it was the first time they had ever revealed the impact of the loss or trials.  For months or years, they kept their emotions inside and dealt with the pain.

Many of us have grown up in families that teach us from a very early age to refrain from telling family or personal business.  This practice has kept us in bondage for years.  In addition, the enemy seeks to use painful situations to make us withdraw and isolate ourselves.  The result? We are buried in feelings of worthlessness, we suffer from depression, and we endure a sense of shame.

There are some things that can only be healed through revelation. Revelation takes you through a process of accepting the circumstances and realizing you are not alone.  It then allows you to transition from feeling helpless to being secure in knowing that everything is a part of God’s plan.

Revelation must be balanced with prayer and wisdom to ensure we are sharing only with those who can be trusted or those God has called us to minister to.  The great thing about revelation? Your testimony not only begins your healing process, but it often assists others in their healing process as well.

Don’t be afraid to reveal to allow God to heal.

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