What can I do for you?

Through private or group discussions, mentoring, and coaching, I help women discover and nurture their gifts to fulfill their greatest potential. I can't wait to learn more about you! - Jewel

Life coaching options

Let's Work Together

General Life Coaching

Designed to help you develop customized and practical action plans to achieve personal goals. 

Executive and Career Life Coaching

Structured to empower you to identify essential skills and strategies for career development, transformation, and advancement, whether you’re in a corporate or entrepreneurial setting. 

Life Purpose Coaching

Created to help you identify your unique purpose so you can invest in pursuits that bring you the greatest fulfillment.


Services provided

How It All Works

  • Individual Life Coaching (by phone or Zoom) — 50 mins per session
  • Individual In-Person Life Coaching — 50 mins per session
  • Life Coaching Group Workshops

service Rates

What Is The Commitment?

The Gem in You charges a variable hourly rate, depending on the coaching option(s) you select, the number of sessions, and the scope and timeline of your goals.