What can I do for you?

Through private or group discussions, mentoring, and coaching, I help women discover and nurture their gifts to fulfill their greatest potential. I can't wait to learn more about you! - Jewel

Life coaching options

Let's Work Together

General Life Coaching

  • Designed to help you develop customized and practical action plans to achieve personal goals. 

Executive and Career Life Coaching

  • Structured to empower you to identify essential skills and strategies for career development, transformation, and advancement, whether you’re in a corporate or entrepreneurial setting. 

Life Purpose Coaching

  • Created to help you identify your unique purpose so you can invest in pursuits that bring you the greatest fulfillment.

Services provided

How It All Works

  • Individual Life Coaching (by phone or Zoom) — 50 mins per session
  • Individual In-Person Life Coaching — 50 mins per session
  • Life Coaching Group Workshops

service Rates

What Is The Commitment?

The Gem in You charges a variable hourly rate, depending on the coaching option(s) you select, the number of sessions, and the scope and timeline of your goals.