What People Are Saying?

  • I wanted out of my career with the government, but as a single mom, I couldn’t figure out how to find a vocation aligned with my God-given talents. That’s when I found Jewel. She listened and offered practical suggestions. She helped me set goals that allowed me to make the leap from government employee to freelance writer. We sometimes need another perspective to help us see beyond our circumstances. I'm grateful to Jewel for her support and objectivity.

    L. Thomas

    Freelance Writer

  • Jewel has a gift for inspirational, motivational counsel that inspires you. She is optimistic yet has the objectivity to provide candid advice that pushes you along your spiritual journey. I have been touched and encouraged by her wise counsel and inspired to move out of my comfort zone and take risks I might not have taken otherwise. It has given me the best growth experiences of my life.

    B. Braxton

    VP of Communications

  • Coaching with Jewel helped me discover my best attributes and capitalize on them for a better quality of life. She enables you to define your strengths and weaknesses, which helps you better understand yourself. Jewel also provides a spiritual or Christian context with each practical recommendation. The experience was truly satisfying and instrumental to my success.

    S. Williams

    Sr. Account Manager

  • Jewel is committed to excellence and works hard to help us find the "gem in ourselves". I was fortunate to hear and see her when she gave a keynote address "Successful Career Transitions" to the Dallas chapter of Women in Technology International. Jewel provided strategic and practical insights to assist with career upheaval. After working with her, I see how passionate she is in helping people create a plan to achieve a legacy worth remembering.

    R. Burns

    Copy Editor & Media Producer

  • Jewel coached me a few years ago, when I was at a crossroads in my life. She helped me assess my gifts and purpose, and once I understood that, I sought career opportunities that were better fitting. In fact, I was able to achieve certification for my chosen venture and landed a good job. My whole life changed for the better. Without Jewel, I may be still stuck in a rut.

    J. Bradsher

    Quality Assurance Professional