Do You Trust God's Plan for Your Life?

Do You Trust God's Plan for Your Life?

You will face many trial and hardships.  It’s just the natural cycle of life.  In those difficult times, you have a choice to put your total trust in God or to continually question his will.  What will you decide?

It was only a few days ago that I carried the joy of the world inside.  In a split second, my joy turned to sadness.  My sadness turned to despair.  My despair turned to hopelessness.  Tears became the hourglass of my day and I found myself asking “God, why?  Why did this happen?”

There was no reasonable explanation.  There was no one to blame.  There was only the still, quiet voice of God whispering, “Will You Trust Me?”  At first, I kept questioning God as to why this happened.  Then a calm came over me.  Though I didn’t understand why such a sorrowful event had taken place, I knew that God was faithful.  I knew that God was loving.  I knew that that even though this event was very painful, it was a part of God’s unique plan for my life.

I trust God’s plan for my life, though I may not always understand.  My trust comes in knowing that God can see my beginning and my end.  My faith stems from God’s unconditional love and constant provision for my life.  My acceptance flows from an intimate relationship with God.

Dedicated to “Jordan Avery Reid”

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