Have We Really Overcome?

Have We Really Overcome?

Human trafficking, racism, domestic violence, and corporate layoffs are just a few of the negative headlines highlighted each day. It’s almost unbearable to watch the news because the focus seems to be on adverse situations around the world. How can a society that has made significant advancements in technology, educational pursuits, income levels and communication methods become stagnated in a foul sea of greed, corruption, and hatred?

Have we really overcome? My response is no. We live in a world that hungers for power, money, and physical gratification at all costs. Legal systems are often corrupt. Integrity is often compromised. Moral values are often pushed aside. As a result, we find ourselves consumed in a constant state of negativity that can give birth to despair, disappointment, discouragement and depression.

So, how can we overcome?

  • We have to pray without ceasing.
  • We have to saturate our minds with positive thoughts.
  • We have to surround ourselves with encouraging and motivating people.
  • We have to stay focused on living a purposeful life.
  • We have to know that whatever life brings our way, God is ultimately in control.

There will always be negativity in the world. Have peace in knowing that things of the world are temporary, but God’s love is everlasting.

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