Have You Considered a Life Coach?

Have You Considered a Life Coach?

As a Life Coach, I am called to partner with clients to assist them in achieving personal goals, and making successful career transitions. I also help clients identify what they were created to do, so that they can operate in their unique purpose. This is a very rewarding role as I walk clients through a journey of discovery, identity and expectation.

Initially, clients are excited about the prospect of gaining insight and mentorship that can help them in their pursuits. However, this feeling can be short-lived when fears associated with self-examination and self-reflection begin to surface. The possibility of determining self-inflicted barriers to their goals or calling becomes a harsh reality that some have a hard time confronting.

It’s normally at this point, that I share some of my own personal obstacles and how I was able to overcome them. I then explain the limitations that would have been placed on my life had I not been willing to accept my role in the situation. As a final step, I stress the importance of what was learned from each situation. Challenges build endurance, fortitude and resilience. Personal challenges build character, compassion and reliance on God. Tests become awesome testimonies.

Consider a Life Coach and embark on journey of self-discovery, awareness and purpose.

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