Holding on to the Past

Holding on to the Past

Have you ever had an intense desire for something, but failed to appreciate it once received? Maybe you had a desire to be in an executive position. However, once you attained the position, you lacked the self-confidence to effectively perform in the role. When you identified the cause of insecurity, you realized that it was negative words spoken to you in childhood.

Maybe you had a desire to be married to a wonderful mate. However, once you got married, you found yourself continually complaining about your partner. Through a series of counseling sessions, you came to the realization that your unhappiness wasn’t caused by your mate, but by a series of negative images that you were exposed to over the course of your life.

Be prayerful and mindful of past words, images, situations or experiences that are hindering you from fully appreciating and enjoying the desires of your heart.

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