Know Your Limits

Know Your Limits

On last year, I was able to reach my weight loss goal through a 5 day work-out routine and a balanced eating plan. It was a goal that I had been trying to reach for years, but for many reasons, I had been unsuccessful. One of the reasons that I failed at weight loss was due to my overconsumption of sweets, carbohydrates and fatty foods. I had a pretty intense work-out regimen; however, my over-indulgence in high calorie foods proved to be counter-productive.

Now that I have reached my weight loss goal, my new challenge is maintaining. It’s unrealistic to think that I won’t gain a pound a two. However, I have placed a weight limit on myself in order to sustain weight loss. If I come close to exceeding my established weight boundaries, then I take immediate action. This process usually involves increasing my work-out routine and following stricter eating guidelines. This can be a grueling process at times, but it has proved to be quite effective.

I believe that many of us are struggling to maintain our goals. As a result, we find ourselves reverting to a former state which often results in disappointment and despair. Take a moment to establish limits or boundaries that assist you in maintaining your goals. Knowing your limits can be a critical component to sustaining success.

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