Moving Beyond Your Barriers

Moving Beyond Your Barriers

This weekend I got the opportunity to visit Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas. This park is one of my favorite recreational destinations because it has children’s parks, fun activities for adults such at fitness camps, unique food trucks and great restaurants. While I love this park, it’s always a bit of a challenge to find parking because of its proximity to downtown Dallas. As a result, I paid $10 to park in a lot that was approximately 5 minutes from the park.

While I was parking, I noticed an elderly disabled lady using what appeared to a walker to head towards the park. She was by herself and didn’t seem dismayed by the distance ahead of her. As she slowly approached the intersection and waited for the crosswalk green light, she didn’t seem to care about the length of time it was taking her to cross the road. Unfortunately, drivers seemed to become inpatient by her slow stride and one driver even had the audacity to blow his horn. I was rather irritated by the driver’s horn. I mean really. Have some compassion for the elderly.

Once the elderly lady reached the other side of the road, I noticed a small family gathered around her. The lady was actually pushing a small cart with a cooler attached to it. Unfortunately, the cooler had fallen off the cart and its contents had spilled on the ground. This small family had stopped to help the lady and eventually picked up the cooler and took it to her final park destination. I remembered thinking, “Wow, this elderly lady who was barely walking didn’t let a minor disability hinder her from enjoying a beautiful day at the park”. She didn’t care that is was 91 degrees. She didn’t care that she had to cross a busy street. She didn’t care that she was alone. She was focused on spending an enjoyable day the park, despite any obstacles.

Would you be this diligent in pursuing your goals? Would you be able to overcome unforeseen barriers to achieve your objectives? Is your final destination worth more than your physical journey?

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