Purposeful Connections

Purposeful Connections

A few months ago, I posted a blog titled “When You Can’t See the Palm Trees”.  At the time, I was in a space filled with loneliness, doubt and regret.  If I’m honest with myself, I was having some real faith issues.  I felt disconnected from God, family and friends.

Though I was at a low point in my life, I never lost sight of the purpose that God birthed in me.  I was called to motivate and encourage people to live to their greatest potential.  I knew that I needed to form purposeful connections in my new location in order to reignite my calling.  As a result, I identified key connection areas (see list below) and became intentional about making connections.

  • Find a Church Home – Being connected with a church body is a critical aspect of growing as a Christian. As a result, my husband and I aggressively visited churches.  After several visits, we found a church that we felt compelled to attend.  We are now regular attendees.
  • Join a Life Group – After being former Life Group members, my husband and I recognized the value of being in an intimate Christian community. After making several calls to find a Life Group, we were placed in small group.  We have been blessed by the love and support of our leaders and fellow members.
  • Seek Personal Connections – Nurturing relationships are vitally important for establishing friendships. As I met various women, I looked for beliefs, experiences, and goals upon which to connect.  As a result, I see budding friendships forming.
  • Seek Professional Connections – Professional connections play a critical role in identifying opportunities for professional growth and development. I sought out professional conferences and networking events which exposed me to various learning and career enhancement opportunities.
  • Identify Volunteer Opportunities – The best way to get yourself out of a pity party is to volunteer with an organization that focuses on meeting the needs of others. I became involved with a great organization called 4 Kids. Their vision is a home for every child.

I’m in a much better place today.  I feel connected.  I feel inspired.   And, I’m starting to see doors open.  If you are in a season of emptiness, consider the aforementioned connection areas.  Be honest in determining if you have been intentional about connecting.

“Purposeful connections bridge the gap between emptiness and fullness”. ~ Jewel Reid

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