Taking Things Into Our Own Hands

Taking Things Into Our Own Hands

Periodically, I have the unfortunate experience of getting adult acne. The occurrences are fairly random, so it’s hard for me to identify the cause of the break-out. My acne will generally go away with time, a topical treatment or a prescribed treatment. However, sometimes I become inpatient and attempt to get rid of the pimple myself. This scenario never works in my favor. Yet, I become so focused on wanting to see different results immediately that I take things into my own hands, literally. As a result, I often end up making the pimple worse or even scarring my face.

How many times do you take things into your own hands because you have an immediate desire to see different results? You are simply tired of waiting. As a result, you take action to get what you want. However, your efforts don’t result in your desired outcome. In fact, you make the situation worse.

Though it is often hard to understand, there is a reason that we are not seeing the instantaneous results that we desire. Sometimes this reason will be revealed and other times we simply have to trust that the delay is part of God’s plan. Be patient and know that God’s hand will lovingly mold and transform every aspect of our lives in his perfect time.

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