The Art of Self-Discipline

The Art of Self-Discipline

Last week, I was invited to three dinners to celebrate Christmas. I knew that I would be surrounded by all kinds of delicious but fattening foods. Yet, I felt that I could be somewhat of a disciplined eater at these gatherings. Well, that theory failed. My normal regimen of lean meats, fruits and vegetables was quickly replaced with high calorie carbohydrates. My innate desire to eat healthy was quickly overcome by my fleshly desire to eat foods that were satisfying. As a result, I felt absolutely miserable after each meal, I gained a couple of pounds and I now have to increase my workout time and intensity to get back to my original weight.

How many times have you set goals for yourself, but lacked the self-discipline to execute towards your goal? You have every intent of attaining what you desire. However, something prevents you from being able to achieve your desired goals. Maybe it’s fear, your mindset, or laziness. Maybe it’s your desire to do what you are comfortable with versus taking a risk.

Self-discipline is an art that is carefully cultivated through an intent focus on improving oneself. You have the power to make decisions that promote positive results in your life. Your desired outcome can be achieved if you are able to make decisions that align with what is believed.

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