The Cost of Success

The Cost of Success

I had the opportunity to speak with a CEO a few weeks ago. In my mind, this individual had achieved great career success. He had successfully climbed the corporate ladder. He was well respected by his peers. He had recently launched his own company and was currently the presiding CEO. However, when I asked him how he was able to achieve career success, his response was “I faced many challenges which forced me to build fortitude, stamina and resilience.”

As I continued to talk with this CEO, he began to share the impact that his career ambitions had on his family and health. He reminded me that there was a huge cost paid for the level of success that he had achieved. As I ended our conversation, I asked him what was different about his life now. He simply responded by saying, “Even though I’m a CEO, I do not have the financial means that I use to have due to the financial risk that went into creating my own business. However, I have my family which is the most important element of my life. I’m less stressed and I’m happy”.

As you define career success for your life, always remember to prioritize what’s most important. The cost of success can be a high price if fulfilling success factors are not a part of your plan.

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