The Sunday Blues

The Sunday Blues

Sunday is often viewed as a day of worship, a day to enjoy activities, and a day of rest. However, many people fail to enjoy Sunday because it’s the last weekend day prior to the beginning of a work week.

Sunday nights are often spent dreading the upcoming work day or time spent with difficult co-workers and/or managers. Sunday can also bring on feelings of stress and anxiety associated with doing a job that you hate or have no drive or passion for.  As a result, what should be a peaceful, joyous and restful day turns quickly into an occurrence of “The Sunday Blues”.

If you find yourself experiencing a constant state of The Sunday Blues, then it’s time to make a positive change.

  • Start by praying about your current situation. Ask God to give you wisdom, insight, and guidance on your future career path.
  • Next, identify the cause of your Sunday Blues. This step may require you to take a moment of deep reflection, to consult with a trusted friend or to seek the guidance from a certified Life Purpose Coach.
  • Establish short term and long term goals to transition from your current state. This step can include items such as updating your resume, joining professional organizations to build your network, and identifying training needs to develop and grow your current skill set.
  • Lastly, stretch yourself by moving outside of your comfort zone. If you are passionate about speaking, but have never spoken in front of people, take a Toastmasters class. If you have always wanted to write a book, join a local writing group.

You have the power to turn a case of The Sunday Blues into a day of transformation that propels you into a more passionate and fulfilling life!

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