What God Allows

What God Allows

Have you ever wondered why the same challenges seem to resurface in your life? Maybe it’s an illness that you thought you were completely healed from. Maybe it’s a company lay-off that you thought you would never experience again. Or maybe it’s a relationship issue that leads to yet another divorce. Whatever your reoccurring challenge is, the end result can often be physically and emotionally draining.

So, how do you move forward from a resurfacing challenge? There’s no simple answer to this question. I normally start out by asking God why he would allow this situation to reoccur. I then take a self-evaluation of my own actions to see if there was anything I could have done differently to prevent the situation from reoccurring. After self-evaluation, I assess the learnings from the situation and attempt to turn those into actionable steps for future success.

Sometimes God allows us to go through repeat obstacles to increase our faith and strengthen our ability to persevere in the midst of adversity.

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