Your Plan, God's Method

Your Plan, God's Method

I’m normally a rather methodical person. I believe that that most events occur or can be solved in a systematic orderly fashion. For most situations, this thought process works well. However, this approach has proved to be ineffective when trying to determine why God allows certain physical or emotional hardships to occur.

After my 4th corporate layoff, I assumed that God was telling me not to work in Corporate America. In my heart, I felt that the series of unemployment hardships were leading me to pursue my Life Coach business full-time. This assumption came with great relief. I had grown tired of corporate politics and was demotivated by the continual cycle of budget cuts and headcount reductions.

I was excited about the thought of being a full-time Life Coach and started to focus on action items that would expand my business. However, after only a month of unemployment, I received a job offer from a corporate educational institution. In my heart, I knew that the job offer was a blessing. However, I couldn’t help but question God as to why I was being pulled back into yet another corporate environment. Hadn’t I heard from God clearly? Wasn’t the series of unemployment hardships supposed to now lead me into full-time coaching?

The answer was clear, but a little heartbreaking. This was not my time to be a full-time Life Coach. There was more that God needed me to do and retain from a different type of corporate environment.

Sometimes God’s method to enable us to live a purpose-based life may different from our ideal plan. Be open to God’s will and trust that he’s strategically preparing you for greatness.

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